This website introduces Openreach, what it is we do, and tells you how to arrange an installation or get a fault repaired – which must be done via your service provider.

It also provides information about reporting external network damage or arranging to have external equipment moved.

our responsibilities

Openreach explained

Openreach maintains the UK's local access network – the fibre, cables and wires that run from homes and businesses to their local exchange. Read more

Problems with your phone or broadband

If you have a fault with your phone or broadband, or wish to arrange an installation, you must call your service provider...

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What to expect from an engineer visit

Once you've contacted your service provider about the installation or fault, they'll send you confirmation of your Openreach engineer visit.

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Who to contact

Your service provider should be your first point of contact. Except if you want to report damage or to arrange to have equipment moved.

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